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Certified Doula through Dona International ~ CBD(DONA)

Ginger is a Native Floridian, born and raised in Melbourne, Florida (Brevard County). Her career background consists of over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She is a Certified Doula with DONA International, Licensed Massage Therapist and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with Honors. Ginger believes that every woman should be empowered to choose that is best for her and her family. As your birth doula, she will provide information and support to help you tap into your inner strength and become an advocate for yourself, your baby, and your birth.

Experiencing the births of her 3 beautiful children gave Ginger the inspiration and desire to become a Doula. She understands the importance of having a compassionate guide during the sensitive time of labor and delivery. Ginger’s desire is to help her clients find confidence within themselves, learn to trust their bodies and discover their strength and unique capacity to give birth. She offers her clients a calm, warm, and grounding space inspired by healing techniques including: breathing and relaxation, positioning, rebozo comfort, massage, aromatherapy, and craniosacral therapy. Ginger views every birth as unique and sacred. Whether a woman chooses a hospital, birth center or home environment, she believes that knowledge is key to personal empowerment, which is essential for a positive birth experience. “It is my privilege to encourage, nurture and witness the strength that is in every birthing woman. It is a blessing to participate in my client’s birth.”

She has attended Spinning Babies classes to assist mothers and babies during tough transitional labor stages. She has taken professional Maya Abdominal Therapy (Massage) courses to assist her clients during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery.

Ginger’s goals are to provide exceptional care, support, information and comfort during a very special moment for you...the MIRACLE of your baby.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage during pregnancy is a soothing, complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to decrease stress, promote relaxation, and helping you cope with discomfort such as: backaches, tight hips, stiff neck, leg cramps (swelling), headaches, edema, abdominal muscles, and tense shoulders. Additionally, massage for pregnant women reduces stress on weight-bearing joints, promotes blood and lymph circulation, helps calm nervous tension; which assists in improved sleep. Massage may help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Try Hot Stones and Aromatherapy with your Prenatal Massage!!

Doula services include:

  • One complimentary, introductory interview to discuss your expectations & goals, answer questions, and empower you to discover and enhance your personal birth plan.
  • Second prenatal meeting to practice comfort positioning techniques, breathing methods, finalize your birth plan, review hydration and nourishment during labor, and answer any additional questions.
  • Informational support throughout pregnancy and the early stages of parenting via phone and email.
  • Ginger’s support as a facilitator is to communicate between you (the laboring mother), your partner and your clinical care providers throughout the labor. During labor, she will comfort you (the mother) while keeping the atmosphere and mental thinking positive; working towards your entire birth goals. She ensures that you are hydrated and nourished. Ginger will assist in labor positioning and massage, to assist in the progression of your baby moving down. Essential oils may be used by diffusion and/or application for a more comfortable labor.
  • Breastfeeding assistance immediately following birth.
  • One postpartum follow up visit at your home within 14 days to ensure that you (the mother) and your baby are settling in comfortably.
  • Ginger offers discounted prenatal massage services to all of her Doula clients “Prior” to birth to allow her to understand your comfort level, to ease your muscles, and introduce a familiar touch with you and your baby (a babies) as you prepare for your birth journey. Massages “after” birth are given at a reduced fee within the first 3 weeks postpartum.

ADD ON OPTION: Labor and Birth video and photography by a Certified Birth Doula to capture all of your special moments and baby’s first hour of life with you. For more information, please inquire during your phone consultation.


To be honest, I never really thought I would have a Doula, but I am so thankful that Ginger came into my life and that we decided to have her be our Doula. Ginger was amazing for my husband and I. She allowed for my husband to fully focus on me while she took care of the rest. My husband was able to stay in front of me and hold me during contractions, kiss me, hug me, talk to me with encouraging words while Ginger used her knowledge and gentle hands to keep me comfortable. I don´t know what we would´ve done without her, especially me. I had strictly back labor so the massage and heat were key for me to make it through labor. Ginger was just such a calming presence in the room for my husband and I which helped us stay calm and focused. We just felt so taken care of with her there. I already told her she´s going to be there for the next one too! She made natural child birth much easier ;)
Christina Townshend

Ginger was great during my son’s birth. She helped my husband and I with comfort measures, positioning, and motivation when the going got tough. I don’t know what we would have done without Ginger, and recommend her to anyone who may need some support during their labor and delivery!
Nicole McLain

Ginger is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Ginger's ability and knowledge. Even the doctor and nursing staff can verify, asking if Ginger could be present at all of their births at the hospital! I believe that speaks volumes to her skills and likeability. I did not hire a doula for my first birth and ended up having an epidural and a long drawn out labor. After careful consideration and research, plus my desire for a drug free birth, I decided to hire a doula. My husband wasn't sold on the idea at first, so anyone's husbands on the fence, have them read this! I chose Ginger mostly because of her massage therapy background because I LOVE massages; ahhh, that was pure bliss! So this time around, my labor progressed much more quickly than with my first and my husband and I met Ginger at the hospital. She will absolutely come to your home first, I was just progressing so quickly! The contractions became very intense after my water broke (like in a movie, in the hospital lobby!) and I am so glad Ginger was there for the hard part. I felt like I had her changing up her techniques with every other contraction! I shifted from being nauseous, needing the heat pad, needing coaching through contractions, needing to change positions, you name it. And Ginger handled my 'demands' with such grace and confidence. Her confidence, quick thinking and of course, genuine kindness is what got me through those contractions and the delivery of my beautiful baby girl. My husband sort of took a back seat as that was what worked for us. Ginger would absolutely have partners more involved if that is what works for your family. My husband was nervous and felt like Ginger is the expert, so let her handle it. And he will tell you now that he was beyond pleased to have Ginger there because she was full of knowledge and helped me reach my labor and delivery goal! I could go on for days about how awesome Ginger is, but I will just end it by saying that she is one of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met with incredible knowledge and vast skill set. I'm so happy she is still practicing massage therapy so that I can still see her at least once a year.
Heidi Fink

This woman is by far amazing. From the moment that I met her she astounded me. Not only her knowledge on the human body and massage techniques, but in the knowledge of a small little miracle in the mothers womb. The best techniques to help the young blessing arrive safe and quickly.
My birthing story would of not been complete without this woman by my side. I treasure and appreciate her more than she will ever know.
Thank you Ginger. You are so very loved!
Olivia Wonderly

With our four month old daughter sleeping soundly on my chest right now, I feel truly blessed that her delivery was safe and surrounded by truly awesome people.

Ginger was our doula for the birth of our first child, and she did a phenomenal job coaching my mom, husband and me throughout the labor, till after baby April was out, safe, and crying in my arms.

My husband and I were set on trying for a natural childbirth, and were immediately put at even more ease with our decision upon meeting with Ginger. She was thorough in explaining her scope of practice and made sure that our expectations aligned with it. Even though we snagged her at literally T minus like 14 days till expected due date, she made the time to meet up with us on a couple of occasions to go over questions and concerns, how to handle non-ideal scenarios, and to walk us through exercises prior to and movements during labor that would ease my pain. She was extremely organized and gave us a list of things to consider for April’s birth plan, like delayed cord clamping, photographs during labor, lighting, fetal monitoring, etc… things we hadn’t really considered prior to meeting with her.

What actually ended up happening for us was that we went to a routine checkup at 41 weeks and April was showing heartbeat irregularities, and we were sent immediately to the hospital to be monitored. With strong urging from the doctor, we decided that induction of labor with Pitocin would ultimately ease our worries about April’s birth more than going home and waiting for a more natural progression. Ginger knew our wishes for a natural childbirth and expressed empathy for our situation, but supported us in our decision, and was still positive that we could get through the labor without additional drugs.

Everything happened so fast! I was induced and without progression at first, the the doctor suggested to break my water for fear that if I didn’t progress fast enough, I’d have to get a C-section. Well, of course we weren’t happy with the alternative and so we went with it. Anyway, to get to the point, Ginger was there for us the entire way through. She was positive and very much an active partner throughout the process. She offered massage, essential oils, and cranial sacral therapy. She recommended positions for me to kneel or sit to help with pain and tasked my mother with things to do like brace my leg through contractions and get me jello J The thing I found I needed most was her coaching me during the strong contractions. When it came to those later contractions and transition and I could no longer stand or move much, Ginger held my hand and reminded me to breathe. This was a huge deal. I can say that her giving me a reminder to breathe at each contraction made all the difference, because for a few of the contractions when I’d kind of loose concentration, I was overtaken by so much pain that my entire body shook and I was writhing in pain. Without Ginger’s help here, I think my birth story could’ve gone completely differently, in a bad way! Ginger intuitively knew what to do and when throughout my labor and will be calling her again once we get news of another new arrival.

Kali Williams

Ginger has been our Doula for both of our births so far. We had our first daughter 3 years ago and have raved to people about Ginger and about having a Doula in general, especially for natural childbirth. We just had our second daughter, born 5 days ago, 8lbs, 6oz after and 11 hour natural labor and delivery and once again Ginger was amazing. She had just come off a 23 hour labor with another client and still didn't skip a beat. My husband is my love and support but my husband and I both feel a sense of confidence and calmness when Ginger is with us. My husband will hold me, kiss me, and is the one I squeeze but Ginger will remind me of breathing techniques and suggest positions to progress labor on top of most importantly massage and apply heat...for me this is so important because I had bad back labor with both my daughters. There is just something about having someone in the room who is there 100% for you and has been through close to 100 births and just knows what is going on. The nurses are there but they're not with you all the time or necessarily offering encouragement. The nurses don't know me from the next patient. So having Ginger in the room who is knowledgeable and knows me and is 100% there for me just makes my husband and I able to get through labor and delivery more confidently and comfortably. Can't say this enough, I would recommend Ginger a million times over. Thank you for everything Ginger!!

Christina Townshend

Hands down, I made it through because of this woman and her rockstar daughter. Her professionalism, her passion, her power to help me through was and is something I will always cherish!

Ahlana Jennings